AuxDefense aims to develop innovative products with high mechanical protection (impact, cuts and perforation) performance. Based on the concept of biomimetics and advanced auxetic structures, these products are intended for use by the different fields of the armed forces.

The project intends to use the knowledge generated in the University of Minho over the last few years, in fiber based auxetic structures/materials, to develop pieces of clothing and military equipment components with improved performance in terms of their ability to absorb impact (explosions, ballistics, etc.), cuts, and perforation, to more effectively protect operating military.

Considering the comfort requirements, the developed products will be lighter than current ones, through the use of more adequate fibrous materials and structures (for instance, high performance polyethylene fibers). On the other hand, besides ergonomic concerns, the developed products will use other functional materials (thermal regulators, humidity management, etc.) to ensure comfortable use.

In terms of protective clothing, the aim is to incorporate fibrous auxetic structures, providing protection against cuts, perforation and impact in military combat clothing, including bulletproof vests.

With the combination of auxetic structures with polymeric matrices (both thermoplastic and thermosetting), the aim is to develop balistic helmets and knee/elbow pads to be integrated with armed forced clothing. Through the applied technology, our aim is to achieve lighter, more comfortable and more effective products.

Besides creating innovative knowledge in the field, this project expects the transfer of this knowledge from the researching entity to the companies also involved, with the purpose of industrializing it and ensuring its commercialization. This is one of the project's main objectives. The created knowledge will also be protected, through utility/patent models, allowing the consortium to manage the intellectual property. This may bring added benefits in a close future, with the possibility of commerce in foreign markets.