In order to respond to the needs identified, the strategy outlined for the products' development is based on the concept of Biomimetics.

Biomimetics derives from the greek Bios (life) and Mimesis (imitation), which suggests an imitation of nature or some natural process applied to the development of new products

Biomimetics is applied in several technical-scientific fields such as engineering, design, arquitecture, IT, electronics, chemistry, or mathematics, and aims to explore Nature's behaviour as a model for the development of new systems or products.

Researching, understanding and reproducing structures found in nature, allied to the growing technological evolution, is seen as a tool for innovation and creativity, leading to more functional products. This creative process, which starts with the analysis of what can be found in nature allows the development, testing and validation of systems based on the natural cycle of things. Therefore, we can find more sustainable solutions, based on how nature works.

As a strategy for the development of the knee/elbow pads, the helmet and the bulletproof vest, we have used analogies between the products and references from nature.